Quixotic Miami

An urban research project by neushop

Syllabification: (quix·ot·ic)
Pronunciation: /kwikˈsätik/
exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical

In Between
A Lecture at the Yale School of Architecture by Louis I. Kahn Visiting Professors Adib Cúre & Carie Penabad

(Source: issuu.com)

Austin Paul - Enough

Very much Quixotic; in its own Miami way.
Delicias de España
Coral Gables

From the opening of Sunday in the Park on Saturday, with Sarah Crowner, Sari Carel, Exile Books and The Miami Rail at Locust Projects (there were people, too…)

Nader Tehrani at the SoA this Wednesday; the beginning of everything that’s coming our way…

Beach Day - The sweetest sounds out of South Florida

Classic Touch of Miami

On Caracas, Matisse, Art Heist and Miami (all condensed into what reads like a soap opera script).

Work in progress at the Design District by Aranda\Lasch

Shell Lumber Warehouse

Another one of these special places discreetly hidden behind the world of the strip malls.
Coral Gables

A sneak peak of what’s coming to the SoA at UM next week…

Boyhood at O Cinema in Wynwood.
Definitely worth checking it out.

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